Checklist and Timelines

Keep track of the procedures and paperwork that are all part of the process of buying a new home.

We have created the following checklist as part of our ongoing mission to simplify the new home-buying process and to ensure that your purchase of a Gore Developments home - at Coral Spring Village or New Harbour III - is easy and stress-free.

Documents required when applying:

  • Valid ID (Passport, National ID, Driver’s License)
  • TRN (Overseas applicants and non-nationals can apply for a TRN at: Jamaica Tax Office
  • NIS (for NHT mortgage applicants)
  • Job Letter or Last 2 payslips
  • Birth Certificate (for NHT applicants & persons using National ID or Driver’s License)
  • Letter of Eligibility (for NHT mortgage applicants) or Pre-Approval Letter from bank.

Please Note: If you are self-employed, kindly obtain from a Certified Accountant a Profit and Loss Account along with a letter stating your average net income.

If you are a self-employed NHT Contributor (applying to the NHT for Mortgage Financing), the Certificate of Contribution issued by the Compliance Dept. of the NHT is acceptable.


  • a. Select Your Home and make your deposit

    Identify your new home from the units Now Selling (see subdivision plan, lot layout, etc.). [emphasis]Make application and pay ernest money[/emphasis]. If you wish to Wire Transfer funds directly, click here for the details.

    b. Sign Land Nomination and House Construction Agreement

    Other documents may require your signature also (see Letter of Explanation). And at a date appointed by Gore Developments Ltd. your signature must be affixed to the necessary documents (For Local Purchasers, this step will take place at our offices. For Overseas Purchasers see Letter of Explanation)

    c. Meet with Your Mortgagee

    Within Seven (7) days of the date of the Agreement, meet with your Mortgagee. In that interview you must provide all of your required information, applications, proposals and documents. (See Paragraph 8.01 (B) (i) of the Agreement for more details)

    d. Present Letter of Commitment from your Mortgagee

    Within Twenty-One (21) days of the date of the Agreement present to Gore Developments Ltd. a Letter of Commitment from your Mortgagee for the Mortgage Loan. (See Paragraph 8.01 (B) (ii) of the Agreement for more details)

    e. Mortgagee to Pay the Balance of the Purchase Price

    We will notify you in writing when your house is ready and within Fourteen (14) days of the Practical Completion of the units, the Mortgagee is required to pay the balance of the Purchase Price in order to avoid any interest cost. (See Section 8.12, 8.14 of the Agreement for Sale of Land and Construction of a House.)

    f. Don't need a Mortgage Loan?

    Within Seven (7) days from the date of the Agreement you must obtain and deliver to us a guarantee or undertaking from a Bank, a firm of Attorneys-at-Law or a Financial Institution acceptable to Gore Developments Limited., guaranteeing or undertaking to pay the balance of the contract price or any balance thereof and other costs including any additional interest due to Gore Developments Limited. (See Paragraph 8.01 (B) (iii) of the Agreement for more details)