The Process to Buying a Gore Home

1Call us, so that we can answer all your questions that relate to the home. Eg. the size of the rooms, lot size, etc. (876-927-5644 in Jamaica, 1-800-960-4535 in U.S/Canada. In the U.K. [0-808-189-0484] or e-Mail us)

2Provide your contact information, so that we can send you an Information Form, which you will fill out and return to us.

3Contact your bank or lending institution and make an appointment to get pre-qualified* for a mortgage loan. Then follow our Checklist & Timelines and acquire your New Home.

You can buy a GORE HOME in Jamaica as a cash purchase, but most buyers may need to apply for a mortgage loan in order to buy a home.

To get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan  you should set up a time to talk to a Mortgage Officer so that you can figure out how much you can afford and the amount you will need to borrow to purchase the home. This will put you in a better position as a buyer.

The Mortgage Officer will collect information about your debt, income, and assets.They will also look at your credit profile and assess your ability to pay the initial deposit along with closing costs. From these discussions they will get an idea of different loan programs that would work for you and they will work out what your monthly payment would be.

Each project has a staff of highly trained legal professionals whose mission it is to ensure that you understand every step of the purchase process and that you comply in a timely and accurate fashion - thus enabling you to own the home of your dreams quickly, easily and without the hassles normally associated with such a big transaction. Contact one of these professionals now.

*It is important to understand that getting pre-qualified just allows you to estimate what you are eligible to borrow; it is not a commitment to lend. It will however guide you as to what price range you can comfortably look at for homes and will help you to understand if your current financial situation will allow you to purchase a GORE HOME. If your financial situation changes (e.g. you lose your job, interest rates rise or a specified expiration date passes), your Mortgage Officer must review your situation and recalculate your mortgage loan amount accordingly. Start the process now - Contact An Agent.

Professional staff members are available to assist with the process