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GDL Supports Education Through Scholarships

Gore Developments Limited gives back to Jamaica in different ways throughout each year. One of the ways is through educational scholarships and assistance to children of employees and to the wider society. In 2012 alone, Gore awarded scholarships totaling J$3,981,090, and has already begun to roll out scholarships for 2013 (See some of the awardees).

To realize the company's goal of supporting education, in 2004 Gore Developments started The “Gore Developments Scholarship” in the amount of One Hundred Thousand Jamaican Dollars (J$100,000).

This was to assist with covering tuition fees to a final year student (Year 3) for the Diploma in Construction Management or a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering as well as the Gore Developments Limited “Nadine Isaacs Memorial Scholarship” in the amount of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Jamaican Dollars (J$150,000) to assist with covering tuition fees to a 4th year student reading for a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Studies at the University of Technology Jamaica (UTECH). The UTECH students are selected by a UTECH Interviewing Panel and recommendations are then sent in to Gore Developments Ltd. These scholarships continue to help chosen UTECH students realize their career objectives.

Seeing the success of these two scholarships, in 2012, Gore Developments Ltd handed over a $1million cheque to Mico University College annual Math and Science Teachers’ Conference. They proceeded to sponsor J$250,000.00 to a first year student of The Mico University College Pre-University Men's Programme (PUMP) as in the memory of family member and MICO past student James F. Gore in the same year. Gore Developments Ltd also donated books to Mico’s Early Childhood Education Centre to support Mico’s drive to promote the teaching of maths and science at all levels.

Additionally, Gore Developments Ltd also donated Fifty Thousand Dollars (J$50,000) to assist the Department of Geography and Geology at the University of the West Indies as a part of the Geology 50.

In order to assist employees and show their care and appreciation, Gore Developments Limited also provides educational assistance in the form of a grant to biological children of monthly-paid staff members, to assist in financing their child/children's tuition cost. Students must continue to attend school and maintain no lower than a 75% grade-point average (or equivalent). Each grant awarded is of a maximum of $150,000.00 annually per employee, paid in three equal installments. Approximately $2.4 million has been given out in grants to date.