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Police Sports Council receives $500,000

Gore Developments Limited (GDL) has partnered with Mayberry Investments Limited and Honey Bun to sponsor the 39th Annual Police Sports Council National Championship. A cheque of $500,000 was handed over by GDL’s Managing Director Christopher Gore, to the Police Sport Council at the event launch on Monday, May 21, 2012 at the office of Mayberry Investments Limited.

Held at the Elletson Road Depot in Kingston, the two-day track and field event begins on Friday, May 25th and will host over 600 athletes hailing from Jamaica and abroad. The event will commence with major track and field races at 9am.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police and event chairman Elan Powell, "The Force has produced many outstanding athletes for the country and we continue to produce them". He also noted that the Police Sports Council National Championship is a top of the line athletic event, boasting world class performances by local officers. Invitational events for clubs, colleges and schools are also a component of the two-day affair.

GDL is an active corporate citizen with a strong commitment to community development who signed on as a sponsor of the Police Sporting Council event as a show of gratitude for the dedication of the local police force.