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Safe, Attractive, More Durable Foreign Exchange Saving Housing Solution


Gore Homes and Carib Cement have joined forces to bring a new foreign exchange saving solution to housing in Jamaica. Gore Developments, going forward will build its houses using a pitched concrete roof using cement made in Jamaica by Carib Cement.

Mr. Phillip Gore Chairman of Gore Developments Ltd. said the decision to build an all concrete roof will save Jamaica approximately US$2 million dollars in foreign exchange expenditure annually as there will no longer be the need to import wood, asphalt shingles and metal tiles for roofing.

The new pitched concrete roof will look exactly like the current roof but will be solid concrete and cream in colour. This roof is intended to make the house cooler and safer, and will last much longer than the traditional asphalt shingle roof.

According to Mr. Gore, the new roof will be pitched and will be made to look just as attractive as the current roof with an added energy saving component. The roof will be coated with an acrylic waterproof insulation which will reflect the rays of the sun, making it feel several degrees cooler inside the house.

Mr. Gore said that “the roof will last longer than the traditional asphalt shingle roof and with proper maintenance could last forever”.

Mr. Anthony Haynes, Carib Cement’s General Manager, said that the partnership was a win-win for all stakeholders and that Carib Cement was committed to encouraging and supporting the increased use of concrete in housing developments, from roofs to pavements. He added that Carib Cement will continue to supply Gore Developments with cement of a consistently high quality and commended Mr. Gore for his decision to buy Jamaican and “use what we make”.

Gore Developments which has been providing Jamaica with affordable housing for over 30 years is currently building and selling two bedroom homes in, in New Harbour Village III, St. Catherine and two bedroom and three bedroom homes in Coral Spring Village, near Falmouth, Trelawny. Both communities will be gated.

At the launch of the new two bedroom, two bathroom unit in St Catherine on March 22, the response to the new roof was overwhelmingly positive. The prospective home owners loved that without the wooden rafters the ceilings seemed higher, making the home feel bigger. Although Gore Developments’ asphalt shingle roofs have withstood hurricanes, purchasers were excited to know that with this new roof they could look forward to even less anxiety in hurricane season.

Persons interested in seeing the new roof can visit the model unit at New Harbour Village II, open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The model unit with the concrete roof is currently under construction at Coral Spring Village and will be completed within the next few weeks.