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Gore Homes Blue Mountain Caribbean Open Junior Tennis Championships

Gore Homes has for the third time sponsored the Blue Mountain Caribbean Open Junior Tennis Championships, which was hosted at the Liguanea Club in Kingston, Jamaica from Monday July 7, 2014 through to Friday July 11, 2014.

The tournament provided a unique and fun experience for junior players and coaches from Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Cayman, Guyana and St. Lucia and Jamaica, who participated in a team event with three boys 18 and under from each country as well as 16U, 14U and 12U open events for Boys and Girls.

Gore Homes prides itself on encouraging good sportsmanship and as such they sponsored the Gore Homes Sportsmanship Award, which was presented to Blaise Bicknell for the boys and Ilana Blackwood (Barbados) for the girls. The Girls Champion Trophy, named in honour of Mrs. Christine Gore was presented to Team Barbados, while The Boys Champion trophy, named in honour of Mr. Llockett McGregor, was presented to the winning boys’ team from Jamaica.

Mrs. Christine Gore and Mr. Llockett McGregor have both contributed countless hours of their time to fostering tennis in Jamaica. For a number of years it has been the dream of local tennis organizer Llockett McGregor to revive the ‘Brandon and Phillips Junior Tennis Tournament’. Known for its success in building lasting memories, friendships and camaraderie among junior tennis players within English-speaking Caribbean countries, McGregor has been inspired to bring back those truly great times, which led to him organizing the ‘Blue Mountain Caribbean Junior Tennis Championship’.

Mr. McGregor noted “The Blue Mountain Caribbean Junior Tennis Championship for 2014 was excellent. We saw a record 32 overseas players from the region participating in this year’s tournament, making it the biggest tennis championships we have hosted to date.”