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Gore, ATL Serve Up New Food Lab At JC

Food and Nutrition students at Jamaica College take a close up view of items received courtesy of Gore Development and ATL shortly after they were handed over at the school's Food Lab at the Phillip Gore Building yesterday.

Students at Jamaica College (JC) now have a fully furnished and functioning Food and Nutrition Lab, thanks to a partnership between Gore Developments and Appliance Traders Ltd. Present at yesterday's handover ceremony was Principal Ruel Reid, who was excited about broadening the already growing list of non-traditional subjects offered at JC.

"This is another one of our innovations to deliver a very vibrant curriculum," Reid said. "We have been involved in aviation, maritime studies, and robotics, because it is very important to provide the opportunities to our youngsters to show other career paths because everybody cannot be lawyers and doctors," he concluded.

Patrice Harris-Henry, the food and nutrition teacher at JC, lauded the new lab as she examined the appliances and furnishings. She said the new lab was an "important step" as it would allow students to obtain a technical skill that they will be able to use in the working world.

Phillip Gore, executive chairman of Gore Developments, called the project a "no-brainer", and echoed the sentiments of Harris-Henry as he, too, stressed the importance of preparing students for what he calls "essential careers".

He said: "(We) created this food and nutrition lab so that the students can have this unique facility to prepare for these non-traditional but essential careers that can actually offer them employment in the future." Gore, no stranger to his alma mater, refurbished four classrooms and constructed a fifth on the now named Phillip Gore Building in 2011.

Cleon Davis, a fourth-form aspiring chef at JC, was obviously happy for the new lab when he spoke with The Gleaner. "This lab means a lot to not only us as a school, but for me personally, because I've always wanted to cook. Now we actually cook in class, see what each other create and learn from our mistakes," Cleon said.

The food lab, situated on the ground floor of the Phillip Gore Building, now outfitted with stoves, refrigerators and other cooking tools, has been in the upgrade process for the past three months.