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The Management & Staff Of Gore Developments Congratulate Our Chairman Mr. Phillip Gore & Mrs. Christine Gore.

Honorees of the 19th American Foundation for The University of the West Indies Vice Chancellor's Achievement Award

Phillip Gore2Mr. Phillip Gore and Mrs. Christine Gore Recipients of the AFUWI 2016 Chancellor's Award.

The Board of the American Friends of the University of The West Indies (AFUWI) voted unanimously for Mr Phillip Gore and Mrs Christine Gore to join the distinguished company of honorees as recipients of the 2016 Vice Chancellor's Award at the AFUWI's 19th Annual Legacy Awards, held at The Pierre Hotel in New York on February 24. The award recognizes deserving individuals within their various fields, in this case - the provision of affordable housing in Jamaica and philanthropy.

The AFUWI's mandate is to secure much needed funds for the many students attending UWI who are facing tough economic challenges and are not able to access a tertiary education without financial assistance. The Hon. David N. Dinkins, 106th Mayor of New York City, joined the celebrations as Honorary Dinner Chair and Dr. the Honourable Harry Belafonte returned as Honorary Patron; award-winning actor and civil liberties activists Danny Glover acted as Honorary Chair.

The AFUWI recognized The Gore Group of Companies for building good, decent and most importantly, affordable housing to thousands of Jamaicans over the last 30 years; an achievement only eclipsed by the work accomplished through the Gore Family Foundation, demonstrating their commitment to uplifting Jamaican children through early childhood education, nutrition and good health.

The AFUWI lauded the Gores' sterling support for the many elementary schools in need whilst initiating exciting projects, including the opportunity for basic school children to learn tennis. 'Play & Stay Tennis' has, over the years, provided new avenues for underprivileged youngsters to gain access to a better education, scholarships for overseas universities and other pathways to progress.

In Addition, the Gores were commended for their steadfast contributions to The University of the West Indies (UWI), Jamaica College and other institutions, which served as a lifeline at critical times when those important places of learning were in desperate need of help to fund programs, student tuition and physical plant facilities.

"Recognizing those individuals who have contributed to student success and our mission is something we look forward to doing each year," said Ann-Marie Grant, AFUWI's Executive Director. "The extraordinary work of the Gores includes not only what they do for our students, but what they do for communities in which they live and work. We're honored to be able to play a part in celebrating their achievements.

Their actions have paved the way for many individuals to have better opportunities and exemplify the University's standards of excellence. Therefore, we are pleased to show our appreciation for all that they have done and continue to do with this well-deserved award. With the help of our honorees in 2015, we were able to reward 50 remarkable students each with tuition scholarships of US$3,000."