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Gore Family Foundation Hosts Nutrition Workshop

Principals, teachers and parents, together with Christine Gore of the Gore Family Foundation (GFF), gathered recently at the Lee Gore Business Centre for a nutrition workshop. The aim of the workshop, presented by Patricia Thompson of Jamaica Island Nutrition Network (JINN), was to motivate parents and community members towards a healthy lifestyle. It also aimed, to get them involved in school nutrition activities which will hopefully build a 'health-promoting school'.

JINN works closely with the GFF and the basic schools under its wing.

Thompson shared information about how to achieve health and happiness, the role of health and nutrition in educational performance and the many facets of health, with an emphasis on the discipline required to ensure children eat properly. Strategies on how to maintain good health in children, the importance of eating times and meal distribution were explained, together with the debunking of the myths surrounding 'healthy lifestyles', especially with regard to diet. Participants' questions were answered and certificates of participation were presented to parents by Gore.

From: The Jamaica Gleaner March 24, 2016