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Gore Responses To TVJ Report On Safety At Its Coral Spring Village Development

Gore Developments Limited (GDL) wish to respond to a story aired on TVJ on Monday, April 18, 2016 which featured a selected few residents of Coral Spring Village housing development in Falmouth, Trelawny, who expressed concern about safety at the housing development.

Coral Spring Village housing development is a gated community which comprises 451 residential houses and 65 service lots, together with amenities and less than ten (10) residents were interviewed. Additionally, although there is an active Citizens Association, no representative of that group was asked to speak to the allegations.

Since the story was aired on TVJ, GDL has received numerous calls and e-mails from other residents of the housing development, as well as prospective purchasers, expressing alarm and concern about the unfair and inaccurate allegations made by a few residents who did not appear on camera.

We wish to point out that:

  • The security concern at Coral Spring Village is not specific to that development; it is an issue affecting the parish of Trelawny and, indeed, the nation as a whole. So residents of Coral Spring Village, like all other citizens, have to be prepared to take additional steps to secure themselves against crime and theft.
  • GDL is only aware of 2 sets of incidents since the project began in 2013.
  • The first report of robberies in the development was in May, 2015 in Phase 1 (161 houses) which had already been handed over to all the purchasers. On learning about the incidents in May, 2015, GDL added razor wire on top of the original wire on the 6 ft. perimeter wall, to bring it to a total height of 8 ft. GDL also met with the residents and encouraged them to form a Citizens Association and also to launch a Neighbourhood Watch in the development. This was in addition to encouraging the citizens to liaise more closely with the Police.
  • In an effort to further increase the safety of the residents, Gore added a solar alarm device as a feature of the houses now being constructed in Phase 2.
  • GDL has provided security for the Coral Spring Village housing development since construction and the company continues to pay for security at the entrance. Despite the additional razor wire that was added to the perimeter wall in Phase 1 recently there were a second set of incidents where homes along the same perimeter wall were broken into. GDL immediately repaired the areas of the compromised wire and has since employed a Security Consultant to investigate, meet and work with the local police to arrest the persons responsible for these crimes, which have also been occurring at other houses nearby to the development.
  • GDL has constructed - and continues to construct - the Coral Spring Village housing development in accordance with approved plans and specifications.