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Construction Project Management Course AT Jamaica College

Jamaica College has launched a new and exciting course into their 5th and 6th Forms' curriculum - Construction Project Management. The brainchild of Gore Developments Limited (GDL) with administrative input from the Gore Family Foundation's team, Phillip Gore's Alma Mater, Jamaica College (JC) has commenced providing 14 select students with the 'ins and outs' of construction project management - a topic taken very seriously by all within Gore's management team and the Company as a whole .

The course will be certified by HEART and is fully sponsored by GDL - computers and the redesigning of the classroom into 'Project Management HQ '!. The GDL Team having already partnered with ATL previously on the nutrition lab in JC's Phillip Gore Building, gave them the confidence to create a successful course in Construction Project Management, and so said, so done!

Professionals and close associates of GDL, with years of experience in the fields of architecture, project management, quantity and land surveying together with civil engineering, will conduct this course to impart their considerable expertise on a weekly basis over the next school year; it is entirely paperless, computerised, 'high-tech' and each student gets maximum exposure to all the different software programmes used by the various professionals.

Starting up on September 13, the first session went very well with the 14 young men who were chosen out of 40 applicants (mostly 6th formers), being very enthusiastic participants having already motivating the presenters to expand class activities - much to the delight of GDL. Each week three special students are selected: one to be the 'Google Manager', (he checks out all the facts and figures during the class and imparts same to his fellow students); another is the techno-wiz who leads the way in relation to software, while the 3rd student acts as the recording secretary.

Students will study plans and data from actual Gore Homes' housing projects during the school term, culminating with a six (6) week hands-on paid apprenticeship programme on an actual Gore Homes' construction site during the summer holidays.

Gore Developments Limited, making every effort to produce competent construction project managers for Jamaica - ensuring their own high standards of durable, solid, well-designed and properly constructed homes endure.

From: The Jamaica Obsever September 16, 2016