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Gore Developments Limited Lends A Helping Hand

Mr. Tushun Green Mr. Tushun Green representing Gore Developments Limited (GDL) handed over a J$100,000.00 cheque to Mrs Virginia Chin of the Cassava Piece Development & Education Centre/CDEC (formerly known as H.E.L.P/Help Establish Library Projects in Jamaica) on Wednesday, November 2, 2016; a much-needed infusion of funds to help keep the CDEC's doors open.

Mrs. Virginia Chin who runs this well-kept, clean, colourful and safe space in a once troubled community, was very glad of the assistance as she endeavours to keep the Centre operational, and it has come a long way under her guidance.

Starting out as a basic classroom for local children to be safe whilst doing homework after school hours, it has blossomed into a haven for both children and adults to learn and be creative in the fields of IT, art, sports and music.

It27s all about the books at CDECThe Centre consists of an open general reading area with a well-stocked library (courtesy of kind donors) that includes quality books for children of all ages on history, science, business with a focus on writers from the Caribbean, Africa and the Americas.

So as well as providing a safe, clean, environment for supervised study, it provides assistance to children from 6-18 and adults of all ages - as it's never too late to enroll in the literacy and numeracy classes on offer. CDEC now boasts a small, well-kept computer lab with Mr. Brown, a professional from HEART on hand, who volunteers his time and considerable IT expertise to all those willing to learn.

GDL, as a good corporate citizen, as keen sponsors of scholarships at the secondary and tertiary level, was more than happy to lend a hand and glad to see such a vibrant project standing firm in Cassava Piece; to encourage local residents and those from the surrounding community (some from as far as Stony Hill!) to come and study, learn new skills or volunteer to help out too!