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Gore Development Scholar Excels

FayanAFayan Fisher has been Gore Development Limited's Clarice May Gore Memorial Scholar at The Mico University College since 2014. A keen advocate and enthusiast of early childhood education, Fisher is determined to take complete advantage of her scholarship and pursue her chosen discipline to the fullest extent.

Fisher's achievements so far have not been accomplished without personal struggle and sacrifice. This is why, when she was awarded the scholarship, it meant so much to her and, indeed, enabled her to continue studying at Mico. Deeply appreciative of the opportunity, Fisher became an active volunteer for the Phillip & Christine Gore Family Foundation.

Whenever she's not studying or taking exams, Fisher can be relied upon to ably assist the foundation in their basic school programme, the mission being: to ensure all our basic school children are properly prepared, both academically and socially, for the next level, and to enter grade one with confidence.

... Fisher puts focus on Arnold Road Basic

As a key volunteer, Fayan Fisher has 'adopted' Arnold Road Basic School and her input - whether in the administrative aspect of the school's written plans and policies (in compliance with the Early Childhood Commission's 12 standards), in her hands-on help in the classroom or in organising the 'clean-ups' during school holidays has made her invaluable to the Gore Family Foundation's overall efforts.

Fisher enjoys interacting with children. At the heart of all her efforts and studies is her desire to improve their lives and make a difference. Fisher is also the current president of Mico's 4-H Club and her volunteer work is a very important part of her life. A Christian, Fisher encourages all young people to believe and have faith; she lives by her mantra: 'A life with a purpose is a life worth living'.

Mico always makes a point to graciously thank Gore Development Ltd, in writing, for being the generous donors of the Clarice May Gore Memorial Scholarship. The school further notes that, with Gore Development's support, including the donation of the James F. Gore Memorial Scholarship, its scholarship programme has been able to assist 42 financially challenged students.

From: The Jamaica Gleaner, March 2, 2017