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Dunbeholden Bringing Back RSPL to Their Community

Dunbeholden FC

After staving off relegation in their first year in top-flight football, Dunbeholden FC are putting everything in place to ensure that they contend for the title in the 2019-2020 season.

This as the St Catherine-based club has broken ground on their home field to improve the facility to meet required Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) standards.

Dunbeholden played their home games at the Spanish Town Prison Oval and The Royal Lakes Complex last season, but a $13 million sponsorship for Gore Development Ltd will bring back football to the Dunbeholden community as major work on the field and the erection of a stand have got under way.


President of the club Donovan Witter believes this will play a major part in his side making the playoffs this season.

"It is nice to have your own fans supporting you weekly, and it will assist us in getting into the top six because once we are into the top six, then anything can happen," Witter said.

The facility will be able to host at least 1,000 spectators when completed.

"We had discussions with the National Irrigation Commission, and we have tentatively put an arrangement in place that will facilitate the availability of water to irrigate the place," newly appointed chairman of the club Fitz Jackson said. "We are not sure exactly when it will finish, but we are hoping it will be ready a few months after the start of the season."

Jackson, who is the member of parliament of for South St Catherine, where Dunbeholden falls under, said shortly after these new developments are completed he would be working assiduously to bring lighting to the facility.

"I have vested interest in lighting, but we have decided that let us go phase by phase and then we are going to move to put in the lights," he said. "Why I have a very strong interest in the lights is because for communities like this, football is not just for sport. It is a source of social cohesiveness. When the teams are engaged here, it brings the communities together and a refocus"