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PSOJ COVID-19 Jamaica Response Fund - An integrated response to the COVID-19 Crisis

covid psojThanks in large part to the generous donation from Gore Developments Limited, over the past six weeks we have been able to deliver relief aid to over 23,000 beneficiaries in 34 communities across the island!  We have attached the infographic below, which provides additional information at-a-glance, so you can have an idea of the extent of the impact of the Fund thus far.

The following is a brief summary of the Fund's activities to date:

The Fund Oversight Committee (FOC)

The Fund is managed by a joint committee comprising the PSOJ, CVSS,  UWJ and American Friends of Jamaica (AFJ) who oversee the performance of the fund. To date, the FOC has met five times, and approved 19 grants to NGO’s/ Health services, with 28% allocated to health programs, and 72% towards food security. The FOC also provided approval for the selection of the 25 communities for support under the food relief programme.

The financial model for the relief programme was developed as a result of a partnership with PWC, and thanks to Mona Geoinformatics, communities were identified utilizing 22 data sets to risk profile communities throughout Jamaica. 

Relief Allocation Committee

Relief and aid support continue to be recommended through the Relief Allocation Committee (RAC), which has responsibility for identifying and recommending relief actions for funding support. Some of the representatives on this committee include PSOJ, the Ministries of Labour & Social Security, Local Government & Community Development, Health & Wellness, Culture Entertainment and Sport; as well as Food for the Poor, Jamaica Red Cross, UWJ, AFJ and the CVSS. The RAC has met three times, and made recommendations for funding which were submitted to the FOC, and subsequently approved.

Beneficiaries and Impact  

The food package relief programme is done in partnership with the Jamaica Constabulary Force, who lead on distribution; and the Jamaica Defense Force who oversee logistics and warehousing. To date, 20,139 people have benefited from the food relief programme. 

19 NGO’s and agencies which have thus far benefited 2,892 people have been approved for grants, including the following:

Multi-care YUTE Foundation | ROMA Helpline | Jamaica AIDS Support for Life | Jamaica Association for the Deaf | Mona Social Services | Eve for Life | Joy Town Community Development Foundation | Missionaries of the Poor | Council of Voluntary Social Services | St. Andrew Settlement | St. Johns Ambulance | Boys Brigade | Combined Disabilities Association | Children First | WROC | YWCA | Jamaica Household Workers Association | Diabetes Association of Jamaica


The implementation of the Fund and Relief Programme is only possible thanks to the many volunteers who have participated in its implementation. From members of our project management team, to corporate volunteers joining the JDF in the warehouse, to multiple volunteers participating in distribution at the community level, our continued expansion into new communities, and towards continued fundraising and delivery of relief, will continue as a result of this focus on volunteerism.

Communications and Public Relations

To date, we have secured an estimated $12 million in media partnerships across print, TV, radio, online and digital media to highlight the Fund's activities including  the contribution of all our donors. Content distrubution and media relations resulted in an estimated $11 million in earned media value, inclusive of coverage generated by some of our donors. Donors have been listed in ten (10) full-page ads in the Star, Observer and Gleaner, with additional placements in upcoming weeks for our new donors. 

In keeping with the donor recognition matrix, there are ongoing radio interviews for individual donors, and these traditional media placements are further bolstered by social media highlights of donors across the platforms of the implementing partners, and is complemented by a sustained feature of donors logos, on the PSOJ and CVSS websites.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to all stakeholders remains the delivery of a mechanism which provides for effective collaboration across sectors, transparent decision making, accountability and open reporting. We thank you for your support of this initiative, and for your commitment to nation building at this crucial time.

We look forward to sharing more as the relief programme continues delivering relief support over the coming weeks.