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A Heathly Start at GFF Basic Schools

The Phillip and Christine Gore Family Foundation (GFF) continues on its mission to upgrade and enhance the standard of Early Childhood Education in Jamaican Basic Schools. The GFF believes in the importance of teaching children healthy eating habits from a young age.

Proper nutrition is one of the most essential components in the growth and development of minds and bodies in young children, and with this in mind, GFF has undertaken the task of renovating kitchens in eight (8) of our basic schools this year. The kitchens are freshly painted, properly equipped and clean with the necessary equipment and furniture to meet all health and safety standards outlined by the Early Childhood Commission in Jamaica.

At VOUCH Sylvia Foote Basic School, classroom floors were power-washed and a much needed staff lounge area was created at a cost of $475, 000. Arnold Road Methodist Basic School has been deep cleaned, additional shelves for the kitchen were installed along with the completion and painting of partitions at J$130, 000.

Gospel Refuge Basic School had their fridge and stove serviced, and the modification of their cupboards which GFF completed at a cost of $89,000. St. Anne’s Infant School’s kitchen has been upgraded with new under-sink storage areas, as we had already provided new cupboards and countertops.

Sandhurst Early Childhood Education Centre, with a school population of over 90 children, had the tiniest and hottest kitchen of all! We fixed the extractor fan, the window, and installed brand new cupboards with a budget of J$141,000. Amy Bailey Model Basic School underwent a full kitchen renovation; freshly painted, new cupboards, new stoves together with kitchen supplies and fixtures for the Playmate areas - a total budget of J$1.4 million.

Mission House Methodist now has clean, new storage pantries and cabinets, kitchen equipment and furniture to the value of J$200,000.

The Phillip and Christine Gore Family Foundation also supports government owned/operated schools; Chetolah Mel Nathan Education Centre not only benefitted from a kitchen makeover, but the Principal’s office and staff lounge received a ‘face lift’ to the tune of J$321,000.

Over the years, GFF has worked closely with the Principals and Cooks at all our basic schools to guarantee that they are properly trained and equipped to operate at the standards set by the Early Childhood Commission. We have just completed a 2-day Training Workshop to ensure our cooks are proficient in food safety and menu planning during the current Covid-19 pandemic, and to provide sound nutritional guidelines. The workshop was held in the Food & Nutrition Lab in the Phillip Gore Building at Jamaica College, completed in 2015 through a partnership between Gore Developments Ltd. & Appliance Traders Ltd. As an added incentive, there were prizes and surprises at the graduation at the end of the workshop!

The GFF firmly believes all these initiatives greatly help to provide our young children with the best possible start for good health, growth, learning and overall development.