Gore Family Foundation Honoured by the Early Childhood Commission

gore scholar

After investing $43,030,533.40 over the last seven years in their Basic School Program the Phillip and Christine Gore Family Foundation (“GFF”) was honoured by the Early Childhood Commission (“ECC”) for its work in 9 Basic Schools located in Kingston and St. Andrew. GFF thanks the ECC for its recognition of our contribution to the Early Childhood Development Sector. We congratulate all of our fellow awardees, and in particular Mrs. Joyce LaCorbiniere, who we have worked closely with at Arnold Road Methodist Basic School, one of the Basic School’s under our purview, for a number of years.


The Foundation's work in our Basic Schools has been aimed at ensuring that all students enter Grade One actually prepared and mentally equipped for Primary School. To this end, our students receive ‘Development Milestones’ and ‘Grade One Readiness’ testing, ‘Early Intervention’ and tennis lessons each week, and are exposed to our ‘Reach Up and Learn’ and ‘Second Step’ programs.

GFF’s IT Playmates work in our Basic Schools on a day-to-day basis, interacting with students, parents, teachers and principals. Our Reach Up and Learn Program sees our IT Playmates train others on how to provide a stimulating learning environment for children and our Second Step Program promotes the teaching of life skills that strengthen our children’s ability to learn, have empathy, manage emotions and solve problems. We also use tennis to teach our children good hand eye coordination, positive social interaction, self esteem, self control and concentration while having fun.

In accepting the award GFF acknowledged the work and support of the Principals of each school with whom they have worked closely over the years. These schools are:-



Amy Bailey Basic School

Principal – Mrs. Thompson

Address: 2 B Camp Road, Kingston 5

Arnold Road Methodist Basic

Principal – Mrs. Joyce LaCorbiniere -
Address: 20 Arnold Road, Kingston 4

Chetolah Mel Nathan Infant School

Principal – Mrs. Tamara Steele Rowe  

6 Williams Street, Kingston

St. Anne’s Infant School

Principal – Ms. Monica Gayle
Address- 83 ½ Oxford Road,
Kingston 14

VOUCH Sylvia Foote Basic School

Principal – Mrs Kaleela Bromfield
Address- 1 National Heroes Circle

Gospel Refuge Basic School

Principal- Mrs. Althea Fuller
Address- 36 ½ Barbican Road, Kingston 6

Mission House Methodist Basic School

Principal- Ms. Kyc-Ann Scott
Address- Gordon Town P.O, Gordon Town, St. Andrew

Sandhurst Early Childhood Developmental Centre

Principal – Mrs. Merlene Reid
Address- 79B Barbican Road, Kingston 6

Sandy Park Basic School

Principal- Ms. Martha DeSouza
Address- 9 Liguanea Place, Kingston 6


GFF looks forward to continuing to work with the Principals and children in our Basic Schools to better the educational environments of Jamaica's youngest citizens.