Past projects

Completion date 2023 project item preview

Phoenix Park Village I

Greater Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica

Made up of 1999 homes–in a range of sizes–the development of Phoenix Park Village I offers affordable, high-quality living for those who wish to work in or visit the nearby city of Kingston. With an ideal location in Greater Portmore, St. Catherine, Phoenix Park Village I is perfect for commuters, families and city-lovers alike.

Completed in 2020 project item preview

Montego West Village

St. James, Jamaica

Set in the hills of St. James, nearby to Montego Bay, Jamaica, this development showcases a variety of Gore Homes constructed to the highest standards. Finished in 2020, this community has 1174 homes, as well as a range of facilities, such as a community centre and school.

Completed in 2017 project item preview

New Harbour Village I, II and III

St. Catherine, Jamaica

Started in 2009 and completed in 2017, these three Gore Homes’ developments located in St. Catherine, Jamaica consist of 3221 houses. Together they form a wonderful community for thousands of people close to the capital city of Kingston.

Completed in 2016 project item preview

Coral Spring Village

Trelawny, Jamaica

Located in the parish of Trelawny on Jamaica’s north coast, this exclusive Gore Homes community was completed in 2016. It features 401 houses and 116 serviced lots, many with spectacular sea views.

Completed in 2012 project item preview

Florence Hall

Trelawny, Jamaica

This sprawling Gore Homes development of almost 850 houses was completed in 2012. It is located on Jamaica’s north coast in the parish of Trelawny near to the city of Falmouth, which is known for its Georgian architecture and bustling market.

Completed in 2006 project item preview

Bogue Village

St. James, Jamaica

Bogue Village consists of 1600 excellently constructed Gore Homes. This large residential community on the outskirts of Montego Bay was completed in 2006. It is almost a village of its own on Jamaica’s north coast.