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Gore Homes’ central goal is to help ensure that every single Jamaican can own their own piece of this land. Being able to provide this opportunity for so many people has been, and continues to be, one of our greatest achievements and privileges as a company.

Yet, Gore Homes is also committed to helping Jamaicans improve their prospects and chances for success in all areas of life. That is why, in addition to housing, Mr. Phillip Gore, Chairman of Gore Homes, has always had a passion for education. His belief that creating a first-rate educational system in Jamaica would help to build up the island’s people and future led Gore Homes to start The Scholarship Fund in 2001.

The aim of this charitable initiative was to provide financially challenged young tennis players with access to a range of educational and athletic opportunities. Over the years that it was in operation, The Scholarship Fund, enabled numerous underprivileged young Jamaicans to excel in their chosen sport and, even more importantly, attend university and earn degrees that will open doors to successes that may not otherwise have been possible.

Realizing that Gore could have an even greater impact on education in Jamaica, Mr. Phillip Gore, and his wife Christine Gore created the Gore Family Foundation (GFF). Currently, Gore Homes works alongside GFF to offer construction internship programs for at-risk youth, in order to teach them skills and give them a craft that they can use to start careers and better their lives.

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The Gore Family Foundation provides scholarships to secondary and tertiary institutions that have a transformative effect on the future of young Jamaicans. We have developed scholarships for students at the University of Technology (UTECH), The Mico University College (The Mico), and the University of the West Indies (UWI).

Gore Family Foundation

The Gore Family Foundation is dedicated to establishing greater educational opportunities for all Jamaicans.

Every effort the Foundation makes is geared towards improving the health and welfare of Jamaica’s citizens.

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